When installing 3/8″ solid flooring use Bostiks Best Urethane adhesive 1 BBA and their #8 trowel. When installing engineered floor, use Bostiks EFA and their #8 or #9 trowel. When concrete moisture levels are above 5% and/or the slab was poured prior to the 1970s, a moisture vapor protector such as Bostiks MVP applied with their #9 trowel must be used with the adhesive to prevent any potential moisture from being absorbed by the floor. Many solid wood (Shorts) may be appropriate for glue-down as recommended by the adhesive manufacturer. Be sure to have on hand the recommended urethane adhesive remover. Cured adhesive is very difficult to remove from the surface of the floor and may cloud or etch the finish causing permanent damage! Mineral spirits may used to remove wet adhesive. For the best possible warranty, avoid compatibility issues. Do not mismatch adhesive and moisture barriers. Use products from the same adhesive family. Manufactures do not offer warranties for other manufactures products.