Luxury Vinyl Plank

Flooring Technology is always improving and Luxury Vinyl and Engineered Vinyl Planks are the latest being completely water proof and comfortable its a very popular choice in Flooring options to get that Wood floor you’ve always wanted.

Engineered Plank

Engineered floors are preferred for cement installations using Adhesive, they can also be installed as a nailed down over a wood sub-floor.

Laminate Floating

Laminate Floating floors have excellent durability and can be installed over concrete or wood sub-floors.

Transitional Moldings

Most wood floor installations will end up meeting up with existing flooring materials, tile, carpet, vinyl where a transition will need to be made. T-molding, Overlap Thresholds and Reducers are used for these situations.

Base Boards & Casing

All wood floors when installed need an expansion gap around the entire perimeter of the room or rooms, If the base boards are not removed Quarter Round or Shoe Molding is used to cover the gap between the Floor and the base boards.

Sub-Floor Prep

Concrete floors are not always as flat as the manufactures specs. Low spots need to be filled or “Leveled” using the proper patching material.

Stair Cases

Stair Cases can be covered using Solid Treads & Risers or Plank Flooring. The Stair Case is first prepared for the new covering. The Treads & Risers are then cut to fit and Glued into place. Landings are nailed down. If planks are used for the Stair Case the landings can be Glued.