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About David Garrett

Looking For Wood Flooring?

We Have 25 Years of Experience in Wood Flooring & Vinyl Floor Installation

I can help. I’ve been installing Wood Floors in the Ft. Myers and Naples area for the past 25 years. My main goal upon the completion of your Wood Flooring Project is that you have a Wood Floor you will be proud of and enjoy for many years. That starts with a good plan, knowing what you expect and how your new floor is going to be used are among many of things to consider when making a choice about Wood Floors. I can help you with all of these things and provide you with the information you’ll need to have a Wood Floor that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose Us

We Provide The Best Materials For Your Wood Floor & Vinyl Floor Installation

Choose us for unparalleled quality and expertise in wood and vinyl floor installations. With a commitment to using only the finest materials, we ensure a stunning, durable finish that enhances your space.

Our Vision

Redefining living spaces with craftsmanship and quality, elevating interiors to new levels of sophistication and style.

Our Mission

Delivering excellence through premium wood flooring and vinyl floor installations, transforming spaces with expertise and elegance.