Stair Cases

Stair Cases

Stair Cases can be covered using Solid Treads & Risers or Plank Flooring. The Stair Case is first prepared for the new covering. The Treads & Risers are then cut to fit and Glued into place. Landings are nailed down. If planks are used for the Stair Case the landings can be Glued.

Staircases can be elegantly covered using either solid treads and risers or plank flooring, depending on your preference and design requirements. The process begins with preparing the staircase for the new covering, ensuring a smooth and secure installation. Solid treads and risers are cut to fit and then glued into place, providing a sturdy and durable staircase covering. For plank flooring installations, the treads and risers are also glued down, while the landings can be nailed or glued, depending on the material and design choice. This meticulous process ensures that your staircase is not only functional but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space.

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